Introducing the FRP panel application

For more than 80 years, FRP materials have been used effectively in anti-corrosion applications such as maritime cruise ships, drainage and subway water supply pipelines, and chemical storage tanks. Additionally, wind power facilities, etc., have generally acknowledged their strong anti-corrosion and anti-aging capabilities. In actuality, the word "fiberglass" is well-known in our nation. Let's move on to the locations where FRP panels are frequently used.

Field of use for FRP flat panel

FRP board

FRP board was created in response to the demand for large-width, aging- and fade-resistant vehicle boards. A 300-um isophthalic gel coating with exceptional anti-aging and anti-fading properties is applied to the surface of the FRP gel coating panel used for automobile boards. The concave and convex design on the surface has a greater decorative effect, and the heel surface panel used in the automobile interior has the qualities of impact resistance, ease of washing, and mildew resistance.

Materials for decorative construction

The panel has the advantages of being easier to clean and having better anti-scratch, anti-dirt, and anti-corrosion properties than a flat panel. It is appropriate for use in kitchens, hospitals, cold rooms, food workshops, purification workshops, public restrooms, supermarkets, labs, and slaughterhouses. The material of choice for walls and ceilings in highly purified surroundings. In addition to other interior wall and ceiling materials, FRP beaded surface panels are frequently used in cold storage, freezer insulation equipment, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, and restaurants. It can be argued that choosing FRP material is the best course of action in challenging conditions like those with corrosive gases, water mist, and prolonged humidity!

Equipment and machinery

FRP sheets are frequently used in situations that require thermal insulation, are humid, and are prone to rust, such as mine equipment, transmission tunnels, refrigeration equipment, incubator equipment, etc.

Outdoor billboard applications for FRP flat panels include highways, streets, retail plazas, real estate walls, subway corridors, big-back projection screens, and other new billboards and highway sound barriers. It has a remarkable self-cleaning ability like that of a "lotus leaf" and can be waterproofed, protected from moisture, and efficiently shielded from the sun. It also won't burst or change color as a result of continuous exposure.