Wall cladding made of FRP and protective panels

FRP is a type of construction panel that offers answers to the most stringent requirements for spaces that need to be protected, covered, and decorated with the highest levels of hygienic standards and cleanliness.

Plastic polymers bonded with fiberglass are used to create FRP. Maximum protection, huge cost savings, and quick and simple installation are all features of its design.

FRP is produced in 1,220 mm-wide sheets in various lengths, thicknesses, and colors, as well as in two distinct surface finishes.

Because of its 100% washable coating and simplicity of finishing, it can be kept clean and requires little upkeep.

FRP panels are particularly well suited for heavy traffic installations that need sturdiness, strict hygienic requirements, and great resistance to moisture, mildew, and chemicals.

In addition to being affordable, strong, and efficient, it can be fitted to practically any wall surface and turned into a beautiful feature.

Considerations of the FRP panel

FRP liner panel has several benefits, all of which have been proven over time in the American market and by the tightest quality standards.

  • Not subject to corrosion, rust, or splintering.
  • High resistance to abrasives, certain chemicals, and microorganisms.
  • 100% machine washable.
  • Very little upkeep.
  • Simple and speedy cleaning.
  • High level of moisture and mold resistance.
  • Does not cause fungus to grow.
  • Not able to absorb scents.
  • Class C or Class A with a surcharge fire rating.
  • FRP may be cut and drilled using assembly tools, and its unseen face is ideal for the use of authorized adhesive.
  • The FRP panel may flex to a certain extent to accommodate curved walls.
  • It doesn't need to be painted.